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VAHVA reacher I Can Grab gives a freedom to manage daily life: pick up items from the floor/ground and take items from distance away, open/close windows and take/put food from/into the freezer, roll down/up roller blinds and make the bed and put laundry into the washing machine etc. The reacher comes with detailed instruction for use and adjustment key inside the package with the reacher.

VAHVA reacher I Can Grab for Quadriplegics

  • VAHVA reacher I Can Grab is an essential product for quadriplegic. The reacher can be quickly installed by the user himself, has light weight and user-friendly design, can be adjusted to fit the measures and suits both right-handers and left-handers. Unlike grabbers the reacher needs no finger function, extending the wrist will implement the jaws. I Can Grab enhances the user’s independence and reduces the need for help. 

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