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Simple things can sometimes be real challenges. But still possible if you have the right solution. It's our mission to create these.

"VAHVA Solutions develops adaptive technology for people with weak hands. Assistive devices that are mostly needed by wheelchair users, helping to push their everyday boundaries. In VAHVA we believe that in life there is a solution to everything, despite anything that can happen to us. Even if it's neck injury that leaves you paralyzed below your shoulders. 


Developing assistive devices we're keeping in mind the most important dream in our customers' lives - to be as independent as possible. The reacher I Can Grab motivates to action and people with weak hands are capable to manage their everyday life. 


By the way, VAHVA means something great and wonderful in Estonian. Getting back self-belief and independence sure is VAHVA."



Hegert Mölder
Founder and partner of Vahva Solutions

Feel free to contact us. If you are a person with weak hands, wheelchair user, quardriplegic, family member, friend or therapist - your letter is most welcome.

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